Canadian company The Frauxmagerie offers dairy-free camembert, mozzarella, parmesan and more


Based in Meaford, Ontario, vegan cheese company The Frauxmagerie is growing a collection of dairy-free ‘frauxmage’. Its cheeses are 100 per cent gluten-free, dairy-free and certified VegeCert vegan. Currently, the company offers two unique lines of plant-based cheese: the ‘Botanic Aged’ line and the ‘Botanic Fresh’ line.

The assortment includes a variety of plant-based alternatives, such as ‘mauxarella’, which is a dairy-free substitute to mozzarella made from almonds. Other alternatives are ‘botanic camembert’ and ‘plant-based parm’, both of which are made from cashews. The Frauxmagerie also makes frauxmage curds from tapioca flour and almonds as a replacement to traditional poutine curds.

To learn more about The Frauxmagerie and their collection, reach out to the president of the company, Sean Hollingsworth on LinkedIn. For updates, you can follow the company’s Instagram and Twitter pages.