Singapore-based Kroodi makes artisan-crafted cashew cheeses


Singaporean-based start-up Kroodi is the first plant-based artisan-crafted cashew cheese in the country. The name Kroodi, comes from ‘crude’, which means raw or unprocessed. All of the company’s products are dairy-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, refined sugar-free and preservatives-free. Moreover, the cheeses are prepared at a low temperature so that they maintain their nutritional value.

Kroodi currently has three cashew-based cheese products: ‘Basilicato Cheez’ , ‘Cheddi Cheez’ and ‘Truffi Cheez’. Basilicato Cheez is crunchy and has a strong basil aroma. Cheddi Cheez has a tangy and smokey taste, while Truffi Cheez is tangy and sour and has a strong truffle aroma.

To know more about Kroodi and its products, contact the founder of Kroodi, Claudia Cani on LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can also follow the company’s Instagram page.