New Culture's lab-grown mozzarella draws US backing


New Culture, Co-founded by Matt Gibson from New Zealand, is developing lab-grown mozzarella. Gibson relocated from Auckland to California with backing from Indie Bio, a San Francisco-based incubator that specialises in ‘future food’.

Gibson said: "We are making cow cheese without the cow. There is an unmet need right now for good-tasting vegan cheese and these conscious consumers, and plant-based consumers will be our first market. Afterwards, we want to capture the mainstream dairy cheese consumer market with 'cheese' that will be better both in taste and function compared with current dairy cheese."

A commercial product is still a couple of years away, but New Culture does have a ‘taste list’ on its website where you can put your name on a waiting list to be among the first to taste its ‘mozzarella’. You can also follow New Culture on Facebook and Twitter.